Treasure Valley Canopy Analysis Project Data

 Data and Tools -- UPDATED October 2013*

The links to the Treasure Valley Project Final Data and Tools are below--with the exception of the Project Report, these are zipped files. The same directory structure applies to each city, the full area of interest, and to the unincorporated areas of Ada and Canyon Counties within the study area.

There are four primary directories within each city.These are:

  1. Land cover, which contains a geodatabase of the land cover features identified in the assessment. These include 9-class land cover (tree canopy (deciduous and conifer), grass (irrigated and unirrigated), roads, parking lots, building footprints, other impervious, bare soil/dry vegetation and water; and urban tree canopy (UTC) data including existing UTC, possible planting areas--vegetation, possible planting areas--impervious, and areas unsuitable for planting trees.
  2. Reporting, which contains ArcMap MXDs and layers, and a spreadsheet with UTC statistics. Note that the overall project report is a separate download--see the top of the list below
  3. Tools, which includes the Community Viz scenario tools and data, an interactive PDF mapbook for that city, and a Canopy Calculator Tool
  4. UTC_Results, which contains a geodatabase of city limits, land use, planting sites, census blocks, parcels and rights-of-way.


  1. Treasure Valley Urban Tree Canopy Report with Appendices (12.9 MB)
  2. Treasure Valley Urban Tree Canopy Report with Appendices compressed (5.5 MB)
  3. Treasure Valley Urban Tree Canopy Report without Appendices (8.8 MB)
  4. Treasure Valley Urban Tree Canopy Report without Appendices compressed (3.0 MB)
  5. Community Viz Project Documentation and Tutorial (2.4 MB) note--this is also part of Appendix C in the full report


 1. Treasure Valley Area of Interest

  2. Ada County Unincorporated Areas

  3. Canyon County Unincorporated Areas

  4. City of Boise

  5. City of Caldwell

  6. City of Eagle

  7. City of Garden City

  8. City of Kuna

  9. City of Meridian

 10. City of Middleton

  11. City of Nampa

 12. City of Star

* Subsequent to the original posting of these data and tools, errors in the tree planting sites data were discovered. The data and tools posted here have been corrected. Any data or tools downloaded prior to October 17, 2013 should be replaced by those on this page.